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Virtuous ingredients at the heart of the formulas...

 Vegetal oils

Organic argan oil from Morocco. Extracted from the argan tree's oil-producing pit, it is also called "Golden Oil" due to its precious properties: very rich in anti-oxidant vitamin E and essential fatty acids (omega 3 and 6). It combats dryness and ageing of the skin.

Grape seed oil. Concentrated in linoleic acid, it fights free radicals and has regenerative and restructuring properties.

Sweet almond oil extracted from the almond tree pit. It contains fatty acids and vitamins A and B.

 Vegetal extracts

Organic almond powder, argan powder, grape seeds and cranberries, lemon peel and bamboo tears for utterly effective and soft exfoliation.

 Natural ingredients

Organic honey: Softening and nourishing ; rich in nutrients

Prodigiously soft beeswax

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